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  • Article How to create a supplier order
    To create a supplier order just follow the steps below: Go to the Supplier Menu. Click on Create Supplier Order. Click on the supplier drop...
    Views: 1758
  • Article How to find and edit a supplier order
    To find a supplier order just follow the steps below: Go to the Supplier Menu. Click on Find Supplier Order. Use the search fields to type...
    Views: 1086
  • Article How to find items to be ordered/re-ordered
    The supplier performance area is a good tool for finding items that need to be orders. Just follow the steps below: Go to the Supplier Menu....
    Views: 1638
  • Article How to view all items for a particular supplier
    On the Supplier menu click on stock listing for supplier orders. Then select the supplier from the supplier drop down list and click search. You...
    Views: 873
  • Article Stock Listing for Orders
    The Stock Listing for Orders area can be found by going to the Supplier Menu > Stock Listing for Orders. Once you are there you can search for...
    Views: 1211
  • Article How to set a minimum quantity for reorder
    With your stock holding you will have certain items that you always want in stock. These can be your core ranges, fast sellers or designs that you...
    Views: 1273
  • Article How to list all items sold between a specific date
    In Swim there is a feature located under Supplier Menu > Stock Listing by Supplier Code that you can use to perform these actions. The first...
    Views: 989
  • Article Re-ordering Report
    The report to best use for re-ordering in swim is Report No. SUR003 Supplier Code summary. The report is under the reports menu > supplier...
    Views: 892
  • Article How to Automatically Receive Items into Stock from a Supplier Order
    For all orders in Swim, you can select to automatically add the item into stock, from the order page.  This will save you much time, as you do...
    Views: 1337
  • Article Supplier Order Terminology and FAQ
    Supplier Order TerminologyStatus:  The status of an order dictates what can be performed on the order.  Below are the different supplier...
    Views: 946