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  • Article How to perform a refund
    To refund an existing sale, follow the steps below: Find Sale to refund.   Click on the sale details to highlight the sale....
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  • Article How to cancel a refund
    Cancelling a refund means that the refund is no longer active, and that the original sale (selling the items) still stands.  You would use this...
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  • Article Sales Terminology
    Status of a SaleEach sale has a status of either deposit, posted or cancelled.Posted sale When a sale has a status of 'posted', it means the items...
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  • Article How to exchange items
    To exchange a stock item, first find the original sale using 'Find Sale'. If the sale has not been completed and still has a status of 'Deposit',...
    Views: 1085
  • Article How to refund selected item/s on a sale
    Start by finding the sale and selecting 'refund'. Next, click on any items you do not want to refund. When finished the 'highlighted' items on the...
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  • Article How to refund a Deposit Sale
    Deposit sales are in a state that can be edited, so they do not necessarily need to be refunded.The first step is to correct the sale if possible....
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  • Article How to refund a Quick Sale for customer credit
    Note: Because a 'Quick Sale' does not have a specified customer assigned to it, a customer needs to be assigned to the sale before it can be...
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  • Article I have refunded an item, but it doesn't show as 'In Stock'.
    Check that the payment has been made on the refund. This can be done by opening the refund sale, and ensuring that in the 'Refund Payment' box,...
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  • Article I can't see customer credit as a payment type.
    This is most likely due to trying to refund a 'Quick Sale', to which customers on your database are never assigned. To get around this firstly...
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  • Article Why can't I refund an Insurance Sale?
    Note: Insurance sales cannot be refunded in the normal way. What you can do instead is select 'Refund as Customer Credit'. This option is...
    Views: 791
  • Article How to refund an item when the original sale was not in Swim or cannot be found
    In Swim, it is possible to refund or exchange items when the original sale was not in Swim or the original sale was a cash sale and cannot be...
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  • Article How to restrict staff from completing a refund
    Swim has a range of user permissions available that allow you to restrict staff from accessing areas of Swim that are not applicable to their job...
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