Browser Tips to help navigate Swim

Swim & Browser Shortcuts

Navigating through Swim is simple and easy to do from within your browser but what if you could improve how quickly and efficiently you got from page to page? Knowing the correct browser shortcuts can speed up the time it takes to complete day to day tasks within Swim and make you a more efficient and knowledgeable computer user, as these tips can apply across all your computing tasks.

Browser shortcuts can increase your productivity and accomplish more tasks by just using the keyboard to do certain tasks instead of the mouse. In other words, it’s easier and gets your job done faster by utilising your keyboard or mouse at the correct times.

Take for example the tasks of completing a sale within Swim, many would agree that completing a sale as smoothly as possible is an essential part of providing a great customer service experience. So for example let’s say you are going to always want your Sales page of Swim ready to go for those customers that want a quick sales transaction but at the same time you might have to check on a stock level for a customer or bring up there details whilst keeping the Sales page open and accessible. This is where “tabs” come in, utilising the tabs feature within your browser will allow you to have multiple pages or links from within Swim open at once and make it much clearer and easier to switch between each area of Swim without having to close or lose the previous page you were on.


Mouse Clicking Shortcuts

When you are on the Sales page of Swim, for example, you may want to navigate to other pages without losing your sales page in case a customer is ready to complete a purchase. This can be achieved by using the middle button on your mouse which is called the “scroll wheel" button. By clicking your scroll wheel in, you can open any link within Swim in its own separate tab whilst still keeping the original page such as the Sales screen open and accessible. This essentially opens two instances of Swim at the same time, in the one browser. You'll see at the very top of your page that there are 'tabs'. You can click between these tabs without losing the previous one, so you can change between them with ease.
So for example, if you need to find a sale and a stock item at the same time, instead of doing this across one page, you can bring the sales menu is one tab and the stock menu in another tab, so you can do two tasks at the same time.

You can technically have as many tabs open as you like, so if you're bulk editing stock items, for example, you can bring up your stock search and instead of left clicking on the item you want to edit, you can Middle Mouse (scroll wheel) click on the item you want to edit to open it in another tab. When you're done you can close that tab. This means you do not need to click 'Back' on the browser, as the stock search will still be open on the previous tab.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Now that you are a master of opening multiple tabs you will want a quicker way of working through them all, whilst pointing and clicking with your mouseon each individual page may seem like the obvious option it is not the quickest.

Keyboard shortcuts will allow you to save the most time when using Swim, you can use your keyboard in place of your mouse in many ways to save you time and make you a more proficient Swim user.

Navigating Tabs
At any time you may find yourself with any number of tabs open and getting between each tab window can be an easy process by using the “ctrl” plus “tab” keys. By pressing both of these keys together once allows you to switch between each tab that is open in your browser in a left to right directive.  By pressing and holding the keys down together for a longer duration you can speed up the switch speed to reach tab pages faster. So you don't even need to go back to your mouse when switching between tabs, you can do it all from your keyboard.

Closing Multiple Tabs

You should now be efficient enough using tabs to open links in Swim in new tabs and know how to browse between then all quickly and easily but what if you no longer need so many tab pages open? Replacing the mouse for your keyboard yet again is the quickest way to close down tab page of Swim that you don’t need to be working with right now, by pressing both the “ctrl” and “w” keys you can close the current tab open without the need to touch a mouse. Just like previous keyboard shortcuts if you hold down both keys for a longer duration this will speed up the process and close multiple tab windows much more quickly. Though be careful not to hold it down for too long or it will close all open tabs of Swim.