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  • Article How to add new users
    To setup a user or staff member in Swim, go to 'Utilities'/'User'/'Add User'. Give the user a name that they will be recognized by in the system...
    Views: 2623
  • Article How to change passwords
    - Go to 'Utilities'/'Manage Users' - Find the user for whom you would like to change the password and click on 'Edit'- At the bottom of the screen...
    Views: 1665
  • Article How to edit staff permissions
    Staff permissions can be edited by clicking on 'Utilities'/'Manage Users', and then 'Edit Permissions' next to the corresponding staff member you...
    Views: 2009
  • Article Staff Permission Breakdown
    This article will help to breakdown and explain the various levels of permissions within the SWIM utilities. Note: This article will...
    Views: 2126
  • Article When entering my password, it says that it's incorrect
      This could be due to one of two reasons:1. The password is not being entered correctly. Please confirm your password and ensure you are entering...
    Views: 1473