How is Swim more secure than dektop software?

How is Swim more secure than desktop software

With Swim your data isn’t stored on your computer – if your laptop crashes, or gets lost, or stolen, all your data remains completely safe, encrypted and unaffected

By allowing your staff, accountant, book-keeper or business advisor to have secure access to your data within Swim, it’s much more secure than emailing your business data files or sending out discs or USB drives with your data on it.

Comparison of software and online retail management software security

Desktop software

Online Swim

Employees can copy a software file from your computer without a trace.

Swim tracks employee access and logs activity to help you monitor employees. Employees are only permitted to perform tasks or see information and reports that you allow.

If stolen, a computer with any business software data on it potentially creates a significant privacy, security, and recovery issue.

Swim doesn’t store your data on your local hard drive, so there is no risk if your computer is stolen. In addition, you are still up and running, with no data loss. All you need to do is sign in using another computer and you are up and running.

A computer is vulnerable to viruses, trojans and other malicious attacks that read, obtain, or corrupt data on your computer. Wireless networks are especially vulnerable, as are desktop computers where security patches are not maintained.

When you access Swim you are using a web browser which reads data on our servers. The SSL security encryption ensures the data between the web browser and server is also secure. Swim's cloud server operating system is kept up-to-date with security patches.

People often store credit card numbers in retail software files which is a major security issue if you are not compliant.

Swim can process card payments with a PCI compliant gateway without storing the card number on your computer.