Can you tell me more about security?

Can you tell me more about the security?

That's a good question to ask. Your business data is very important to you and protecting that data is very important to us. Swim uses full security, just like your internet banking websites. It uses encryption, HTTPS, SSL and firewall security. The Swim online servers are there to keep your data safe and only allow you and those you authorise, to access it.

Below are the ways in which we keep your data and system secure.


Our servers have SSL Certificates signed by global leaders in certificates, so all data transferred between the browser and the service is encrypted. This stops any potential hackers from accessing your data in transit. The encryption is the same as that used for Internet banking.

Your own URL

To access your Swim system you need to know the URL. This URL is not broadcast anywhere. It is your own personal store URL that is unique to your store.

User access

Swim has a two stage login process for greater security. First a global username/password to allow access into your own Swim system. Then unique user passwords for every user.

Global password resets can only be processed by a staff member with full administration level access or owner after identification checks or via a reset email delivered to the user’s email address.

Once logged into the system, the user can only access information that they have permission to view.

No one has access to your organisation unless invited by you and with a level of user permission selected by you. You can remove any users/staff whenever you want.

We don’t allow the browser to save your global login or user login, which eliminates access from a stolen or compromised computer. If you leave your computer unattended for an extended period, you will be automatically logged out.

Operating System Security

Operating System Patching is kept up to date on servers in the cloud as soon as security patches are released.

Firewalls & network security

External access to our servers is controlled by firewalls, intrusion protection systems and routers, which are configured and monitored according to industry best practice by security specialists.

Your Business Data Security

Protecting your data from both out-of-store and in-store (i.e employee) threats is at the forefront of Swim's security.

Security features include:

  • Encrypted data, SSL security, firewall rules, audit logs and user tracking, double user permissions (with a global login to access the main menu and then individual user level access).

  • Individual user permissions where you can define the exact tasks the employee can perform, what the employee can do and see and what they can not.

  • Full user access log, allowing you to see what each employee does in the system

  • Ability to only have administrators or managers know the global access password, which means staff can only use Swim while in the store, and do not have permission to use the system outside the store or on their own devices.