Redeeming customer credit issued at another store

Initial Setup: At each store, create a payment type called 'Customer Credit from xxx' (where xxx stands for the store name). Set the banking type to non applicable.

1. On the original stores system (where the customer credit was issued), find the customer and select to view their detials. Then select 'customer credit' to ensure they do, indeed, have the customer credit.  While on this screen, select 'decrese credit' and enter the amount of credit being used up. Select to save. 

2. At this store (where the sale is taking place), create a new sale. In the 'store' drop down list select original store where the customer was entered (i.e had the credit issued) and search for the customer. Select the customer and select to make the sale
2b. Make the sale as per normal, entering the items they are purchasing. In the payment field enter the amount of customer credit they are using and then select the payment type 'Customer Credit from xxxx'. If further payments need to be made, enter those payments.
2c. Print the receipt and exit the sale
Note: This is a work around until the customer credit between stores feature is live in Swim