Setting up locale settings // currency, time zone & tax

To set up the locality, tax, currency and date format:

  1. Move your mouse (or finger on a touch screen) over the three lines on the top right side of the screen, next to reports... 
  2. Select 'Utilities'. 
  3. Select 'System' 
  4. Select Locale
  5. Fill in the details by selecting the option in the list

Including Tax in sale price

If your sale price that you show customers includes tax, select 'yes' in the 'sale price includes tax field.  Otherwise, select no.  (For most wholesalers, and retailers in USA you will select 'no'. Retailers in Australia, NZ and UK select 'yes'.

Setting your own tax values

To setup your own tax value complete the steps below
  1. Navigate to Utilities>System>Tax Values
  2. Enter in a name for your tax value e.g. GST, USA
  3. Type in the value or amount for the tax value you are creating e.g. for 10%, you would just need to enter 10, Swim automatically converts this to a percentage value. 
  4. Select the corosponding country for the tax value.
  5. Click Add Tax Value

Note if you have made a mistake or wish to remove a tax value simply highlight or move your mouse over the tax value and click on the X next to the tax value you wish to delete.

Changing Tax Percentage

If your tax percentage changes you will need to update Swim to ensure your stock prices are correct, complete the steps below to update your tax.
  1. Create a new tax value by following the steps above
  2. Remove the previous tax value by clicking the X next to the value no longer in use
  3. Navigate to the Locale page by going to Utilities>System>Locale
  4. Remove the pre existing tax value then select the new tax value you created in step 1
  5. Finally click on Update stock prices

Two Taxes

Swim caters for the ability to have two taxes, and show the two tax amounts on receipts. 

If your state or country requires two taxes, follow the above steps, adding in the tax name and tax amount for both taxes. (For example, PST 1.05, GST 1.04)

On the Locale Settings page, in the default tax value field, select the first tax name.  Next, select the second tax name. Then click 'save changes'.  The two taxes will then be the default on all sales, and show accordingly on the sales reports and receipts.