How to add new users

To setup a user or staff member in Swim, go to 'Utilities'/'User'/'Add User'. Give the user a name that they will be recognized by in the system and a password that they will use to login with every time they access Swim.

Swim will use this password to record when a staff member has accessed the system, making it easy for you to track when which staff member has performed a sale, made a payment on an existing sale, or viewed/edited a stock item.

You can also assign which category you would like the staff member to be placed under, effectively allowing/denying them certain permissions, so that they may not be able to access certain areas of Swim. To read more about setting and using permissions, read our knowledgebase article here.


Note: When starting Swim the 'users' option has been turned off. What this means is you can access all features of the system without being asked for a user password.  To add individual users and to set what they can and cannot do, you can go to utilities menu (move your mouse over the three lines to the right of reports at the top of the screen), then users.  Select 'global password access' and set to 'no' and save.