How to edit stock tags


To create a new stock tag layout, or edit an existing tag, you should look under 'Utilities' and then choose the 'Printing' and 'Manage Stock Tags' option. Once inside 'Manage Stock Tags', you can create a new tag, copy an existing tag (this option is great for using an existing tag as a template while keeping your old tag as a backup) or simply edit an existing tag. Whichever you choose, click on the 'Edit' option to the right of the tag name to open the editing window.

From here you can 'Add' new tag items from the top left options area such as a barcode, price window, stock number, Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3 etc.*
First you will want to match the properties of the template with your tag's dimensions, so click 'Properties'. The dimensions must be in millimeters. Then click 'Ok' and proceed with adding the desired fields through 'Add'.

Move fields to where you want them placed on the template by clicking and dragging the fields. Delete unwanted fields along the way by clicking on the field and pressing 'Delete' on your keyboard. Click 'Preview' to see how it will look when you print the tag. This process requires some "trial and error" depending on the layout and type of printer you are using. Once you have your tag looking the way you want, make sure you click the 'Save' button in the top right of the window otherwise all of the changes will be lost.

Once saved, click 'Manage' at the very bottom of the screen to return to the 'Manage Stock Tags' section, and click on 'Set Default' to the right of the new tag to use the layout. 


*Note: Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3 are input when you edit the item's details (for example, when you add a stock item from invoice, you can edit the item's details). Usually, Line 1 would be the Supplier, Line 2 would be the Supplier Code and Line 3 would be a Comments field. You can change what appears on these lines through 'Stock Menu'/'Stock Sub Menu'/'Stock Tag Defaults'.

The majority of clients use the third line to print out a cost price code, letting the sales person know what the cost price is without letting the customer know by using a feature called 'Cost Price Coding'. When you are creating the stock item, enter your own cost price code in one of the 3 tag lines provided. From 'Stock Menu'/'Stock Sub Menu'/'Stock Tag Defaults', click on 'Display Cost Price Coding' at the bottom of the screen to view/edit the two coding options available in Swim.

Once you have selected a coding option, simply select 'Cost Price Code' from the dropdown list for the lines you would like to display the code.