How to improve your store's appearance

They say first impressions count.  Now while this is true for people, it is even more so for businesses bidding for customer attention.  Your store appearance can mean the difference between a customer walking past or walking in.

So what does your store really look like to the customer?  Does it look drab and dreary or does it look fresh, attractive and appealing to the customer?  Does it look like a store the customer wants to do business with?

Take a step back for a minute and put yourself in your customers' shoes.  Walk up to your store as if it were the first time you have seen the store. 

Firstly, look at the outside and ask the following questions:
- what condition is the shop in
- does the paint look fresh
- are the windows clean
- is the lighting bright and attractive
- are the displays appealing

Then look inside the shop and ask:
- are the display pads worn
- is the lighting bright
- do the displays catch the attention of the customer
- does the shop feel inviting
- do sales tools look new and professional looking
- is the store clean and attractive
- are the carpets and benches clean
- do the displays show the importance of the jewellery

After asking these questions, think for a minute and determine what things you can do to make your store look more appealing. Ask staff, friends and family the above questions and see what they can come up with to improve your store’s image