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  • Article Stock Terminology and Fields Explained
    Stock TerminologyStock No: This is the stock number allocated to the item from Swim. It is also the Swim barcode number.  Supplier: This is...
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  • Article Components and Main Suppliers
    A stock item can have all the suppliers that were involved in the making of the item i.e. casting, stone, labour etc. We call these components. For...
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  • Article Quantity Stock Basics
    Quantity stock items are stock items that you carry many of, where the sale price or details of the item do not vary and the cost price of the item...
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  • Article Stock Locations
    The location of a stock item refers to where the stock item is located within the store i.e in a safe, at the setter maker, on hold, sold, in...
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  • Article Markup and Fast Seller Explained
    Markup The markup is the value that is multiplied by the cost price to get the tax exclusive/free price. For example, if an item cost you $100 and...
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  • Article Diamond Search // For RAPNET Members
    NOTE: This feature is currently not available.
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  • Article Special note about using the suppler code or suppliers barcode
    For some items it may be more practical for you to use the supplier code rather than the Swim stock number. For example, if the items come from the...
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