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  • Article How to setup the email settings
    You can send emails in Swim individually to clients, or in bulk. First you will need to set up the email settings. To do this just follow the steps...
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  • Article How to send out Customer Letters.
    Swim has the capabilities of generating and customising Customer Letters, using your Swim customer database as the base of the recipients. Swim...
    Views: 1261
  • Article How to send out a single SMS to a customer
    If you want to simply send a friendly SMS to a single customer, just follow the steps below: Go to the Customer Menu Search for the customer...
    Views: 921
  • Article How to SMS clients when a job is completed
    In order to send an SMS to a customer when a Job is complete, just follow the steps below: Firstly, we need to set this feature up. Start by...
    Views: 1175
  • Article How to add images into an email
    You can send an email to clients from Swim with embedded pictures. To do this just follow the steps below: Note: The image you want to embed has...
    Views: 1025
  • Article How to find out how many customers actually have contact details
    An easy way to find out how many customers you have in SWIM with an email address is to go to the Customer Menu > Find Customers. If you put...
    Views: 984
  • Article Customer Marketing Guide
    The marketing areas where you can select specific customers are found under automated tasks (under utilities, scheduling) and the direct mail area...
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  • Article SMS Fees and Service
    SMS fees & servicesWhen an SMS is sent, it uses a credit.  Credits are approx AU10c each.  Credits are pre-purchased from the Swim support...
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