Taking payment for a sale where the original sale is at another store

In scenarios where a customer has made a purchase/deposit sale at another of your stores, but wishes to make a payment personally at a different store, the following instructions will explain how you can record these payments.

The first thing you need to do is create a new Payment Type at each of your stores. This Payment type will be called something like 'Payment At Store XXXX'. To create this go into utilities, lists, sales payment types and add it as a payment type whilst being very careful to ensure that you select 'Not Applicable' as the banking type. It is best to create this at each of your stores as it is likely you will run into this scenario at every store eventually.

To process the payment:

1. At the store where the payment is being made, create a quick sale. In non stock field enter 'Payment for sale xxxx at store [storename]' and enter the price as the amount being paid. Pay the sale using the actual payment type that the customer is paying with. This will ensure that hte payment correctly comes through on the secondary stores PEOD.

2. At the store where the sale is originally located, go into the sale and select payment type 'Payment At Store XXXX'. You can add a note to the 'quick sale' number as well if necessary, so that you can find it later down the track. Because this is a non-applicable payment, it will do the job of correctly updating the balance of the sale without affecting your bankable balance.

3. Last but not least, print off a receipt for your customer.