Pricing Policy

Swim is a subscription, where you subscribe to a plan, and pay for that plan each month in advance.

Swim Plans are determined by the number of new sales and new inventory items entered each month. A month is a calendar month (1st of the month resets back to zero)

Swim plans are based on the number of new sales and new inventory items entered. There is no limit to the number of times sales and inventory items are opened, edited or changed.

A sale is considered by the whole transaction. Each time a new job number (sale number) is raised, this is regarded as a new sale. There is no limit to the number of items on a sale.

An inventory item is an item entered in through the enter stock from invoice screen, or the assemble stock screen. A new inventory item is raised when a brand new stock number is generated.

As an example, most clients on the starter plan after one year of being on the starter plan could have 1000 sales and 1000 inventory items in their system. Each month, less than 90 new sales and 90 new stock items are entered into their system.

The plans are flexible and allow you to upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you have a large volume of inventory items to sales to enter, you can upgrade to a higher plan. Then downgrade back down to your normal plan when the high volume has finished. For seasonal and tourism business that may shut during a period, it is fine to downgrade back to the free plan for 30 days when the system is not in use, and then upgrade back to your desired plan when trading commences again.

The plans allow you to upgrade and downgrade at any point in time, should you upgrade mid month then the amount charged will pro rated based on your usage and number of days left in your subscription period. A downgrade is processed straight away and you should be mindful of your billing dates when submitting a downgrade request, should you be partially through your billing period you will not be credited or refunded for cost differences between your previous plan and your newly selected plan.

The pricing is per store. You can have unlimited number of users and unlimited number of terminals accessing Swim for each store. You can access your Swim for each store from any location, including home, on the road, your book keepers or accountants office, or anywhere you are located.

You can also have an unlimited number of customers, suppliers, invoices and any other details in Swim. Only new sales and new inventory items are considered for the plans.

For multi-stores, you purchase one Swim subscription per store. Upon registering, create a unique domain name for each store, and enter a different email address for each store.   If you have an administration office, you can choose to have this separate, or part of one of your stores. Each Swim subscription keeps the sales and stock separate as well as combined. So if you have two stores with two Swim subscriptions, your sales and stock data will show by store, and you can also transfer stock between stores, find sales and stock between stores etc (click here  for more details on multi-store).  If you choose to only have one Swim subscription, all the sales will be combined in the one. If your administration office does not do sales and you are fine with the data being combined, you can choose to have just one Swim subscription, for a store and the administration office.

The plans inclusions and the policy set here are automatically agreed to upon signing up for Swim, should you be unsure about any portion of this policy or of your Swim plan inclusions please contact Swim support before proceeding.