How can I enter the data myself, and not re-ticket all my existing stock?

If you are using the Swim self-import to import all your stock into Swim, this stock will receive a 'swim' stock number and barcode.  What this means is if your stock is already barcode ticketed, this will be the old stock number from your old system, and not the new Swim number.

To save you having to re-ticket all your stock, you can perform a few simple steps to link the old barcode number/stock number to the new Swim stock number.

The quickest and easiest way to enter this information, is in the data import file. In the 'barcode' number column, enter in the stock items existing barcode number.  The barcode will then automatically be linked to the stock item upon import

If you have already imported the data, you can still link the information. You can do this in the following way:

- In your old system, print or bring up a list on your computer of all the stock numbers / barcode numbers and their corresponding supplier code (supplier's model number), and supplier name
- In Swim, go to supplier menu, search on the supplier and click to 'edit/view'. Then click on the 'supplier codes' tab on the right. Search the page for the supplier code and click 'edit'.  In the 'barcode number' field, enter in the existing barcode number that is showing on the stock tag. Click save.
- Repeat this for all your stock items.

Then when selling stock items, you can scan or type in either the Swim stock number, the supplier code or the barcode number (from the old system), and Swim will automatically find the item and add it to the sale.