What's your continuity of service

Continuity of Service

A good question to ask any of your critical service providers is “What happens if you go out of business?”

With Swim you:

  • Can export your data from the Reports area. You can do this as frequently as suits your needs.

  • You are buying a service from a profitable company, not a start-up. Swim by TJS  has been established for 16 years.

If in the unlikely event we went into administration we believe the administrator would:

  • Sell the company (intellectual property/Swim) to a competitor or new owner and the service would continue as is.

  • Keep the servers running. The provision of the web application is quite low cost relative to this so it would be sensible to leave the application running pending sale of intellectual property.

  • Put the code into the public / open space domain so customers could host or run the application themselves if none of the above was achievable.