Welcome to Swim // Learning how to swim

Hello and welcome to Swim!

We are very excited about your store starting Swim and look forward to having you as part of the family. In this area of the knowledge base you will find the resources you need to start Swimming. If you have any questions during this process, please feel free to contact us on support@onswim.com.

You can access the support, training articles and knowledge base at any time from our website:

Click 'client details', enter your email address and password and you will have access to the full online support centre. The knowledge base area contains everything you need to know about Swim.

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Gabriel Nasser
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Diving into SWIM

Follow the steps on the registration email to log on to your Swim system. The registration email will contain your web address needed to access swim and will be in the format below:


Then follow the check-list below to start entering your information and using Swim. Be sure to train the staff by following the Swim training program.

Accessing SWIM

Swim can be accessed from most browsers on any device, however we strongly recommend using the Firefox browser.

To access Swim, enter your Swim address into the browsers URL (https://[YOUR-SWIM-SITE-ADDRESS].onswim.com). For quick access be sure bookmark the page on each computer/device and make the page your default page when the browser first opens.


When starting Swim the 'users' option has been turned off. What this means is you can access all features of the system without being asked for a user password. To add individual users and to set what they can and cannot do, you can go to utilities menu (move your mouse over the three lines to the right of reports at the top of the screen), then users. Select 'global password access' and set to 'no' and save. Then click on add user and start adding your users. If you forget your user password at the beginning you can use 'admin', as that is a default administrator user in the system. With users active the system will ask for a user password each time you select an option from the main menu. When you go live with Swim we suggest you make the default 'admin' password inactive.

Data Conversion

You can import stock, customers and suppliers yourself. Click here to view the import instructions. You can use this import feature to import data at any time throughout using Swim.

If you do not wish to import your own information, or you have more data you want to import, you can order the data conversion of sales, stock, customers, suppliers and historical data. For details, see How to convert existing data to Swim.

Swim Training

Self Taught - The Swim support and knpowledge base are has everything you need to learn the Swim system, taking you from beginner to expert. Utilise the knowledge base by working through the categories or use the search bar to find exactly what you ar looking for.

Swimming Instructor - Swim also offers personalised training courses through Diamond Services International. Courses can be delivered direct to you, no matter where you are located. For details go to http://www.diamondservices.com.au

Swim Setup

When you first start using SWIM, there are a few things that need to be set up to ensure smooth sailing. These areas are located under the Utilities Menu and include:

  1. Store details
  2. Locale Settings (sales tax percent)
  3. Users & permissions
  4. Departments, categories and other drop down lists
  5. Sale, refund, layby/lay-away & gift voucher settings
  6. Stock tag layout and tag defaults
  7. Non stock options and list
  8. Set up printers
  9. Set up stock tags

To get to the utilities menu move your mouse over the three lines at the top right of the screen. Once you have set up these areas in Utilities, you can move on to entering your data . You can import stock, customers and suppliers, or enter the information directly into Swim. The data to start entering is:

  1. Suppliers
  2. Customers
  3. Stock overview, enter stock
  4. Sales terminology, entering sales

Once you have set up Swim and started entering in your data , you can continue to use the system and all the features, remembering to perform the post end of day at the close of each day.

Important Diving Tips


We recommend accessing Swim using the Mozilla Firefox browser. If you don' already have Firefox, use the following link to be taken to the official download page: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

Swim Global Login

When first opening Swim you will be asked for your email and password. This is your registration email and password and needs to be entered once on each of the computers or devices that you are using Swim on. After your global login is entered, it will then go to the standard user login (see below).

Swim Users

When the user access is turned on, each individual user has their own password. When they click an option on the main menu, they will be prompted to type in their user password. Simply type in the user password to access the rest of Swim. Important Note: The default administration user password is 'admin' in all lower case. All passwords are also case sensitive, so just be aware when setting up passwords for new users. You can edit the default admin user in 'manage users' under the administration group and either change the password or make it inactive.

End of Day

When you go live and start using Swim for sales, it is extremely important that at the end of each day you perform the post end of day process. If you do not perform this task, there will be no data on the sales reports. To perform the end of day you go to sales menu, post end of day.

Free Swimming

You can use the free version of Swim to become familiar with Swim and start using it's functionality in your store. There is no time limit to using the free version. Once you move past 20 sales or 20 inventory items in the system, you will be required to move up to the first Swim plan. Each Swim plan can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled at any time. There is no lock in period or contract. This means you can increase your plan as you go, even while you are just trialling the system.

Beginner Pool

We do recommend starting in the shallows and working your way to the deep end. The Swim knowledge base and training videos can be viewed by all your staff and they can follow the getting started videos, right up to the advanced features. As the training is always accessible, it means you can also train new staff this way, and learn new features when you are interested in them.

Training of Staff

If you are on a paid Swim plan you have three special features. The first is a special self train area for your staff. This area allows your staff to train in a separate system to your live Swim version. The details of your training area are provided with your email confirmation when signing up to a paid plan.

Clearing of Data

If you have been using Swim as a trial and would like to go ahead with a Swim plan to go live in your store, you can opt to clear all the data and start again. This option is available by emailing support@onswim.com.

Importing of Sales History

If you are using Swim, you can request a sales history import, from you old system. For details and pricing, see How to convert existing data to Swim.

How to Upgrade to a Swim Plan

You can upgrade your Swim plan at any time. To upgrade, log into the support centre and then select 'portal home' and then 'swim subscription'.