How to create non-stock item templates

The non stock item drop down list is used on the sales page to save time when processing common non stock items.

To add non-stock items to the system, go to 'Utilities'/' Lists'/'Non Stock Templates'.

From this screen, you can edit existing non-stock items, print tags or create new ones by clicking on '+New Template' at the top right of the screen.

Adding a new template

On the new template screen enter a code for the non stock item (this can be alphanumeric)), a description (this show in the drop down list and on the receipt), select a department and category and metal type.

Next select the workorder type. This is used to establish or group the type of job.  You can add workorder types through utilities, lists, workorder type

Then enter a job description (optional). Use this field to list the work performed by default. You can also enter questions that need to be answered for the job

Fill in the location (optional). This is where the job will start. You can have a location of 'not started' or 'job packet'. You can add locations through utilities, list, workorder locations

Enter the time required (optional). This is an estimate and used for booking in and reporting

Enter a supplier and supplier code (required). This is the person/company/area performing the task or providing the item. The supplier code can be the same as the non stock item

Enter the cost and sell price. This is just a default and can be changed. You can leave these as zero and enter on the sales screen.

Fill in the tag details if you wish to print a tag

Then select create template

Adding Tasks

Once a template is created you can  add default tasks that make up the job. There can be just one task, no tasks or many tasks. 

To add a task, select the task name, time required as an estimate to perform the task, and the rate per hour as a cost. Then click add ask. Repeat these steps to add more tasks.

The tasks will appear on the workorder popup on the sales screen. To learn more see