How to Create Non-stock Item Templates

The non stock item drop down list is used on the sales page to save time when processing common non stock items.

To add non-stock items to the system, go to 'Utilities'/' Lists'/'Non Stock Templates'.

From this screen, you can edit existing non-stock items, print tags or create new ones by clicking on '+New Template' at the top right of the screen.

Adding a new template

  • Click + New Template (upper right hand corner).

  • Enter Code.
    This can be alphanumeric and up to 10 spaces.

  • Enter Description.
    This will show in the drop down list and on the receipt.

  • Choose Department.

  • Choose Category.

  • Choose Metal type.

  • Choose workorder type. This is used to establish or group the type of job. 
  • Enter a job description (optional).
    Use this field to list the work performed by default. You can also enter questions that need to be answered for the job.

  • Fill in the location (optional).
    This is where the job will start. You can have a location of 'not started' or 'job packet'.

  • Enter the time required (optional).
    This is an estimate and used for booking in and reporting.

  • Enter a supplier and supplier code (required). 
    This is the person/company/area performing the task or providing the item. The supplier code can be the same as the non stock item.

  • Enter the cost and sell price.
    This is just a default and can be changed. You can leave these as zero and enter on the sales screen.

  • Fill in the tag details if you wish to print a tag.

  • Select create template.

Notes: 1) Additional drop down options desired for specific fields can be added via Utilities/Lists/that specific field. 2) Common option to add Nonstock as department and category and NA as metal type options.

Adding Tasks

Once a template is created you can add default tasks that make up the job. There can be just one task, no tasks or many tasks. 

  • Select the task name

  • Select time required as an estimate to perform the task.

  • Select the rate per hour as a cost.

  • Click add ask.

  • Repeat these steps to add more tasks.

The tasks will appear on the workorder popup on the sales screen. To learn more see