Direct Mail Ideas

Heres a few ideas of what Swim users have done for direct mail and marketing campaigns:

1. For a special event (i.e Christmas, Mothers day, Valentines), send a letter to your clients inviting them to the store. You can include an incentive or an offer to bring them in.  In Swim you can find out this list of customers through the customer reports, customer letters area and automated tasks area. You can also narrow down the results by date of purchases, amount spent and type of jewelry purchased

2. Sponsorship. Some jewelers sponsor a local event, such as a school carnival, rotary event, charity event, community event etc. The sponsorship can be in the form of donating a piece of jewelry, or giving a gift voucher. When sponsoring, make your clients are aware of the sponsorship through direct mail.

3. Do cross promotions with local businesses (eg restaurants, bridal stores, real estate, hair dresser, gift baskets, florist).  Promotions can be advertised through direct mail to clients. Promotions could include a voucher across the stores. Other ideas are if customer spends more than $xxx they receive a free dinner/haircut/giftbasket/flower arrangement etc.

4. Give something away, and make the client pick up the item from your store. For example, if there is a popular sporting event, purchase tickets and give them away to customers, but the customer has to come to the store to pick the ticket up.

5. Have a special evening. For example a cocktail party, mens night, womens night etc. You can choose to sell on the night, or alternatively have a 'no sale' night, where the attendees just pick what they like and it goes onto a 'wish list'. The attendee can specify if they want the wish list to be sent to themselves or another person (eg spouse). Also make a note of times that the attendee would like to be reminded.
(In Swim, ensure that you put all of this information into the wish list area, with the 'reminder' date set and the 'person to remind' set)

Note: when doing any marketing campaign, whether to existing clients or new clients, it is important to track the response. So be sure to asks clients 'where did you hear about us', and record that information against the client in Swim (in the 'how found' field).