How to use Loyalty Cards and Gift Vouchers.

Here's a few examples of how Swim users have utilised the cards:

1. VIP card: the VIP loyalty cards have been the most popular.  Clients have designed the card with their logo, the customers name and what the card entitles the customer to receive. Many have chosen a 10% discount to show on the card.

2. Gift vouchers:

Used instore: Many clients have designed the cards to be gift vouchers that they can sell in their store.  The vouchers are for predetermined amounts (generally $20, $50, $100) and have terms and restrictions on the back. Most companies have chosen to put their logo on the front of the voucher.  Each voucher is barcoded which means it can be tracked in the system and the card is re-usable. We suggest getting an A5 or smaller brochure printed on cardboard that you can display the Gift Voucher cards on in your store. (I.e a point of sale display for the gift voucher cards)
Used as promotion:A few ideas on how to use gift vouchers outside the store are:
- approach the local real-estate agency and offer your gift voucher cards to be included as part of their 'home buyers gift basket'.
- approach the local bridal store and offer a cross promotion. Customers who purchase a dress from that store receive a gift voucher card for your store, and vice versa
- if a charity or club asks for a donation, instead of giving a cash donation, give a gift voucher
- approach local businesses (especially HR department of corporate business for city jewelers) and offer free gift voucher cards as part of employee rewards programs or incentives
- send a card with direct mail campaigns. Such campaigns can be for birthdays, anniversaries, special events, thank you for purchasing etc. As part of the direct mail, include suggestions on what they could spend the voucher on.
- A card is sent as a specific promotion for buying over $xx worth of a product range. For example if the customer buys $250 worth of Nomination (or Pandora, Lovelinks etc)

3. Stock cards: For something a little different, a few clients have designed the cards to show a picture of a stock item and the details of the item.  This is for special (higher priced) items for example engagement rings with certified stones.  The idea is to use the card on the display next to the item and then give the card to the customer when it is purchased.

4. Referral cards: Another unique idea from  Swim users has been to use the cards in a mail out campaign.  They have the cards printed with their company logo and $25 off (when purchasing over $xx).  They do a mailout to a select group of customers and in each envelop have three cards with a note. The note said they could keep one card and pass the other two on to friends and family.